Hi, I am Axelle Dalle. I was born on may 5th 2004 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Languages: Dutch, and some basic words in French (bonjour, bonne nuit...) & Italian (buongiorno, grazie,...)

Hobbies: colouring, drawing, swimming, television,
dancing, music

colouring & drawing: I like drawing, colouring, and putting together all kinds of things. So also scissors and glue come in handy. When we are going out or travelling, I also carry my colouring stuff with me. Take a look in the design-section to see some of my works.

swimming: I really like the water, and swimming, and diving.

television: I really like television, and everything connected to it (dvd's...). If I could (and were allowed to), I would spend quite some time in front of our television !
dancing: I love dancing ! Right now, I follow dance-courses in "ballet" and "jazz-dance"

music: Just like my father and mother, I enjoy music a lot. I have my own music on my own mp3-player, which I use at every occasion. My favourite artists are Marco Borsato (I attended one of his concerts in 2011) and Selena Gomez. For the rest, I like all kinds of dance music, like music from David Guetta: "Little Bad Girl", "Without You", ...