I am Katleen Persyn, born on july 8th 1968 (which makes me 1 week "older" than JC) in Roeselare, Belgium. I studied, and am active as a teacher in the nursary school since 1990.

Languages: Dutch, English, French, some German, some basic words in Italian.

Hobbies: drawing, assembling ... (& everything related to my job), travelling, movies.

drawing, assembling, ...: As a teacher for the smaller children between 2.5 and 6 years old, there is always something that has be put together, or designed, or developped... . Next to making use of newer technologies like "the computer", I also try to confront the young kids with older technologies, which - for most of them - is experienced as something with a certain "waw-effect". As an example, I photographed some "children books" on slides, and I sometimes "tell the story" of the book, but instead of using the book itself, I use the "slide-projector". Most children nowadays have never seen a slide projector.
travelling: I always liked to travel, and this is very handy, as both JC and Axelle share the same interest. One of my favourite voyages was the one to Venezuela in 2001, where we travelled around the Llanos, the Amazonas, on the Orinoco... for about a month. Nature is extraordinary over there. For the rest, well, Italy is my country of choice.

movies: no specific genre, but I don't like "horror-movies".